Schengen visa (short-term, type-C visa ) 

Please note: a visa is a preliminary permission for entry, which does not automatically entitle its bearer to enter the Schengen area. The traveller may be requested at the border to demonstrate that the conditions for his/her entry and stay in Hungary are met. If the conditions under which the visa had been issued are no longer met, the traveller may be denied entry.



Applications must be submitted in person and by appointment only. Our Consular office hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Appointments can be booked via phone at 02-8501-1200, ext. 111 or email at

We only accept Schengen visa applications submitted at least 15 calendar days and maximum 6 months before the date of intended departure*. It is recommended to submit the application earlier than 15 days before the planned departure date, as the visa processing time may be extended up to 45 days. Our Office does not take any responsibility for delayed submissions and therefore failed travels. Please take this into account when booking your appointment. 


General information

The Hungarian Trade Office in Taipei represents Lithuania, Malta and Slovenia for processing type-C short-tem Schengen visas (not exceeding 90 days). This visa representation is exclusive for type C visas, and our Office is not authorised to issue any other type of visas for these member states. Foreign residents in Taiwan who need a visa other than type C to these member states are kindly advised to contact the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs or their foreign Missions. (LithuaniaMaltaSlovenia).

Traveling to Malta: When submitting the Schengen visa form and other relevant supporting documents, please include the necessary "Declaration of Proof of accommodation/bearing costs" form and its attachments as requested by the Malta authorities.

  • Purpose: This declaration serves as confirmation from a sponsor in Malta regarding their ability to accommodate and/or provide financial support for a visa applicant(s) during their stay in Malta.
  • Usage: This document is mandatory for all visa applications where the applicant(s) intend to reside at the sponsor's private residence in Malta or receive financial support from the sponsor.
  • Completion: The sponsor is responsible for completing the document, and their signature must be witnessed and certified by a licensed notary/lawyer. Subsequently, the notary/lawyer signs and stamps the document. Additionally, the sponsor must furnish supplementary supporting documents.

Please refer to the Website of the Consular Services >>> for:

  • Visa application information for non-Taiwanese passport holders
  • List of countries that do not need a visa
  • Other information related to entering Hungary and the Schengen Area


Which country is competent to issue the Schengen visa?

The Schengen visa application has to be submitted at the representation of the country which is competent for examining and deciding on it according to the main destination of the travel. The competent country will be:

(a) the country whose territory constitutes the sole destination of the visit;

(b) if the visit includes more than one destination, or if several separate visits are to be carried out within a period of two months, the Member State whose territory constitutes the main destination of the visit(s) in terms of the length of stay, counted in days, or the purpose of stay; or

(c) if no main destination can be determined, the country whose external border the applicant intends to cross first in order to enter the territory of the Schengen Member States.

If the applicant plans to visit any other Schengen Member States besides Hungary, the applicant is strongly recommended to check its entry rules.


Please find the Schengen VISA-application form here >>>   



* If your application fails to fulfil any of the requirements below marked with (*), it is considered inadmissible and your documents, including application fee will be returned to you without further notice. (Visa Codex art. 19:3).

  • Submitted at least 15 calendar days and maximum 6 months before the date of intended departure*
  • Application form - completed and signed*
  • Travel document* valid for travel to the destination Members States. The travel document's validity must exceed the planned stay in the Schengen Area with at least 3 months, it must have been issued within the last 10 years and shall contain at least 2 blank pages.
  • Copy of the data page of the passport, any visas, residence permits, entry and exit stamps.
  • One colour photo*, maximum six months old, passport size (45 mm x 35 mm), full face and taken against a light background 
  • Payment of the visa fee*. The standard visa fee is EUR 80. If the application for a visa is refused, the fee will not be reimbursed.
    • Attention! Please be informed, that in accordance with Article 16 (9) of the Visa Code (Regulation (EC) No. 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas) the Commission has a task to review the visa fees every three years. The calculation of the fee revision - based on objective data figures and circumstances– resulted in an increase of the fee, as follows:

      From the 11th of June, 2024 the Schengen visa fee will be 90 EUR for adults and 45 EUR for children (from 6 to 12 years old).

      For more information please visit the website of the Official Journal of the European Union:

  • Providing biometric data (digital photo and fingerprints)*
  • Individual medical travel insurance which covers all costs that could arise as a result of emergency medical assistance, emergency hospitalization or medical repatriation. The insurance should cover costs of at least EUR 30,000 and be valid for the duration of the stay in all the Schengen countries. 
  • Non-Taiwanese applicants residing in Taiwan: Copy of the applicant's Taiwanese residence permit (ARC). 
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Flight ticket booking;
  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to the country of origin/residence, e.g.:
    • Original income certificate of the employer;
    • Certified bank account statement on the account turnover during the last three months;
    • Pension slip;
    • Payslip for last three months;
    • Certificate of registration in case of entrepreneurs;
    • In case of minors, a declaration by the legal representative to take financial responsibility and on the existence of financial means to do so.
  • If employed: signed, stamped and dated letter from current employer containing the following information:
    • Personal data, function/position;
    • Terms of employment  (temporary or permanent);
    • Starting date of employment;
    • Monthly net salary;
    • Number of years with employer/organization;
    • Granted leave days;
    • Contact details of the employer.
  • Additional requirements for tourism:
    • Detailed travel itinerary or certificate of the travel agency
  • Additional requirements for visits (family & friends): 
    • Letter of invitation (signed and dated, including duration of stay, details on the relation between the inviting person and the applicant, the inviting person’s ID number, the applicant's ID number, reference to financial support if provided, reference to accommodation if provided) 
    • If accommodation is provided by the inviting person, proof of legal residence at said accommodation
    • Copy of ID/passport (including signature) of the inviting person. If the inviting person is not a Hungarian citizen, please also submit a copy of their residence permit
    • Any other documents demonstrating the relationship to the inviting person
  • Additional requirements for business and conference
    • Signed and stamped letter of invitation. The invitation must contain the following information:
      • Personal data
      • Detailed information on the purpose of visit 
      • Duration of stay
      • Name and address of the inviting party
      • Name and position of the person signing the invitation
      • Registration number of the inviting party
      • Financial responsibility, if provided by the inviting organization
      • Date and contact details
    • Signed and stamped letter from your current employer or organization containing the following information:
      • Personal data
      • Function/position
      • Terms of employment  (temporary or permanent, begin and end dates of the contract)
      • Number of years with employer/organization
      • Purpose of visit
      • Granted leave days
      • Financial responsability, if provided by the employer
      • Date and contact details
    • Pay slips & certified bank account statements from the last three months
    • If you are attending a conference which requires prior registration, proof of registration and receipt for registration fee.
  • Additional requirements for minors (under 18 years):
    • Both parents have to be present at the visa interview (if either of the parents is absent or deceased this must be proven by a death certificate or a court order for custody);
    • Copy of birth certificate (the original must be presented);
    • Copy of both parents ID-cards;
    • Certified bank statements of parent(s)/guardians(s)/sponsor(s) covering the last three months.
    • Written consent letter from both parents, certified by notary, if the child is travelling alone, or from the parent that is not accompanying the child when travelling. The letter should include the parent(s) telephone and e-mail contacts.
    • If the legal guardian is someone other than the biological parent as stated in the birth certificate, a custody order must be submitted proving legal guardianship;
    • A letter from school containing the child’s name, name of parents, grade, number of years at school, school holidays, contact details, date and name of school representative;
    • If the child is travelling with a group please submit a complete list of names of all group members travelling and name of person in charge of the group


Family members of EEA (European Economic Area) citizens 

  • If you are a family member of an EEA citizen (who is not a Hungarian citizen), and you are travelling along with them or with the purpose of joining them in Hungary, you may apply for a Schengen visa with simplified conditions 
  • Family members are defined as: spouse, child or dependent parent
  • Visa application is free of charge
  • To benefit from the simplified procedure, the following conditions have to be met:
    • Proof of family relationship
    • Proof of the EEA citizen's citizenship
    • Proof that the visa applicant will be travelling with, or joining the EEA citizen 
  • Does not apply to family members of Hungarian citizens!


Decision making

In order to assess a visa application, the Consul:

  • Consults the Schengen Information System for travel/entry bans;
  • Inspects former visas issued to the applicant;
  • May consults competent authorities of other Member States;
  • May consult the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing of Hungar and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary;
  • May consult with foreign representations of other Schengen Member States;
  • May request additional interviews with the applicant;
  • May request the presentation of further documents or certificates in addition to the ones already attached to the application;
  • May contact parties in connection with the visa application for more information (employer, bank etc);



Applications will be refused if:

  • False, counterfeit or forged travel document is presented;
  • The purpose and conditions of the intended stay are not provided;
  • Sufficient means of subsistence, both for the duration of the intended stay, and for the return to his country of origin or residence are not demonstrated;
  • The maximum duration of authorized stay within the same 6 months period in the territory of the Member States (90 days) is exceeded;
  • An alert has been issued in the Shengen Information System (SIS) to refuse entry;
  • The applicant is considered to be a threat to public policy, internal security or public health, international relations of any of the Member States, in particular where alert has been issued in Member States national databases for the purpose of refusing entry on the same grounds;
  • Adequate and valid travel medical insurance is not presented.
  • Doubt arises concerning the validity and the content of the supporting documents, the reliability of the statements made by the applicant.

Applicants are notified of the reason for refusal via a standardized refusal form. Notification on the reason for refusal can be obtained at our Office only by the applicant in person. In case of refusal the visa fee will not reimbursed.


Appeal procedure

  • If the visa is refused, revoked, or annulled, applicants have the right to appeal. Appeals can be submitted in person at our Office within 8 calendar days following the date of receiving the decision on refusal, and within 3 calendar days following the date of receiving the decision on annulment or revocation. The appeals are handled by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.
  • The appeal request should be lodged in writing and it should be signed by the applicant.
  • The fee of the appeal procedure is EUR 160 which should be paid upon submission of the appeal. The fee for the appeal procedure cannot be reimbursed, even in case of a positive decision. 
  • The applicant can submit further supporting documents during the appeal procedure, and he/she may be invited to our Office for a personal interview.
  • The appeal decision may be subject to judicial review.
  • In case of refusal a new application may be submitted at any time, after the deadline of the appeal (8 days) has expired. The visa fee has to be paid again.