Zsigó Miklós a Taiwan International Science Fair-enBetween February 3 and February 7, the ’Taiwan International Science Fair 2020’ event was organized in Taipei by the National Taiwan Science Education Center institution, with the participation of 250 local high school students and 40 more contestants from 20 countries and territories.

The Hungarian participant, Miklós Zsigó from the Krúdy Gyula Secondary School in the city of Nyíregyháza, submitted his project – called Moly.Net – that aims to further enhance the defense against codling-moths and other pests. The newly developed equipment includes an upgraded pheromone trap with a high-quality camera and a microcontroller, which can not only observe the activity of the moths but with the appropriate algorithm can also count their number, thus helping the farmers to obtain more information on the current situation.

The project was awarded by the local jury with a third place in the environmental engineering section of the contest.

Photo: Miklós Zsigó at the Taiwan International Science Fair. Source: Taiwan International Science Fair, National Taiwan Science Education Center