The waters of Hungary possess a magic touch, which makes them unique in the world. Thermal springs can be found all over the country; there are 118 only in the capital city. Certain types of these thermal waters have been known to alleviate medical symptoms of all sorts. Bathing in these waters is not only effective for rejuvenation, but is also great for preventing illnesses or simply for enjoyment. Hungary has a 2000-year old tradition of using these thermal waters. The historical baths offer the chance to travel back in time to the Roman and Turkish era, and experience their customs! Hévíz, the biologically-active thermal lake, can be found only 6 km from Balaton, where visitors can swim in water which never drops below a friendly 23 Celsius! The water has curative powers that have been known to provide relief from a number of ailments. The bath complex of Hajdúszoboszló is located in the eastern part of the country, which is the largest spa in Europe. The combination of the medicinal water, along with 40 various therapy treatments and other healing factors may help patients to a full recovery.

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