Hungarian Classical Music Day – In memoriam Zoltán Kocsis

29 May 2022 Sunday 7.00 pm (CET) Kodály Centre / PÉCS, Hungary

Albin Leszkovszki: Piano Concerto

Levente Gyöngyösi-András Visky: To be or not – Trianon Oratorio for Centenary, by András Visky's lyrics

Within the concert from 7 PM conversation with music historian, Associate Professor of Academy of Music Gergely Fazekas: with composers Albin Leszkovszki and Erkel Ferenc Prize-winning Levente Gyöngyösi; József Attila Prize-winning author poet, playwright, essayist and dramaturg András Visky, and Liszt- and Lajtha Prize-winning pianist József Balog.

The concert starts at 8.30 PM.

We stream the concert and the conversation live.

Marianna Váradi – soprano
Andrea Meláth – alto
Zoltán Megyesi – tenor
András Palerdi – basso
Cantemus Mixed Choir (Choirmaster: Soma Szabó)
József Balog
– piano

Conducted by: Tibor Bogányi chief conductor

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Ms. Rita Győrmárton
Head of Director’s Office
Pannon Philharmonic – Pécs Nonprofit Ltd.
7622 Pécs, Breuer Marcell sétány 4.