CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT (Criminal record certificate)

The certificate of good conduct may certify that the applicant:

  • has no criminal record,
  • is not banned from exercising public affairs,
  • is not banned from exercising any profession or any activity

based on the Hungarian criminal record system. The certificate is issued by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior.

The certificate is valid for 3 months and issued only in Hungarian language. However, for an additional fee a legalized translation is available.

The certificate of good conduct will be issued as an electronic document, and then authenticated by the Consul.

Who can request the service?

Any person, regardless of nationality or place of residence, can apply for a certificate of good conduct, but only for his or her own data. The procedure for issuing a certificate of good conduct is initiated only upon request.

Documents to be submitted

  • Valid identity document (valid ID card or passport)

How to apply

The application may only be submitted in person.

Duration of procedure

The procedure takes about 5 days as a general rule.